Christine Williams Presents

ACTIVATE Your Coaching + Wellness Practice with the Abundance Basics Blueprint

Are you ready to step into your role as a wellness industry leader, fill your practice full of ideal clients with a heart-centered system, and serve your clients at a higher level.

Without complicated tech, email funnels, hard sales or even booking discovery sessions. (even if you're just starting out)


  • The FULL Abundance Basics Blueprint. A SIMPLE, REPEATABLE method for launching and growing a thriving wellness practice, with structure and freedom, that won't leave you burned out or hustling for clients

  • Position yourself as the go-to leader in your field, Nurture your audience and consistently fill your programs, courses and offers with a heart-centered, organic approach that allows you to "serve" instead of "sell"

  • FINALLY learn what the needle movers are in your business so you have clarity on what to focus on daily- without the overwhelm.

I enrolled a NEW 90-day client just from what I learned in this masterclass.... Chris is amazing and is the real thing. I have gotten more from her out of this workshop than what I have gotten out of paying for a business coach...I enrolled 5 new paying clients into my group program in 48 hours...FINALLY I have the answers on what to focus on in my business in a way that feels like i'm serving instead of selling...

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