A free 7-day Masterclass For Health Coaches, Life Coaches and Holistic Practitioners Who Are Ready For more Abundance, soul, flow and ease…

6-Steps to a 6 Figure + Heart-Centered Coaching Practice (no discovery sessions)

~using my signature Abundance Basics™ Framework

Are you ready to Accelerate your coaching or wellness practice and confidently step into your role as a heart-centered leader, grow a prosperous practice, and experience the profound fulfillment that comes from getting paid to use your gifts and talents to serve others?

(even if you're just starting out)


sales calls, complicated tech, FB ads, overwhelm, email funnels, or trying to convince, persuade or "sell" a client in a free discovery session.


  • My signature 6-step Abundance Basics™ Framework and "Nurture Your Audience" marketing method.

  • How to Position yourself as the go-to leader in your field simply by "nurturing your audience" so you can consistently enroll *perfect for you* clients and 5k-8K months implementing a SIMPLE, REPEATABLE, LOW TECH, HEART-CENTERED system that allows you to "serve" + have consistent PAYDAYS.

  • Simplify your business model for more whitespace on your calendar and FINALLY learn what to focus on DAILY. (that actually creates income) in your business and keeps you out of overwhelm and into aligned action with freedom and joy for a sustainable practice.

You CAN have a soulful, simple, impactful and lucrative coaching or wellness practice where you get to experience the profound fulfillment that comes from getting paid to use your gifts and talents to help others. (without compromising your values or integrity)

I just had my FIRST 10K month by working with Chris. In the very first month of the Activate Abundance Program....

I enrolled a NEW 90-day client
just from what I learned in this masterclass....

Chris is amazing and is the real thing.....I have gotten more from her out of this workshop than what I have gotten out of paying for a business coach...

I enrolled 5 new paying clients into my group program in 48 hours...

FINALLY I have the answers on what to focus on in my business in a way that feels like i'm serving instead of selling...

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November 16-22

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